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Blog articles share my experience and expertise in personal development, mental wellness, entrepreneurial and business development, and law.

Why I Stopped Practicing Law And Began Advocating For Mental Wellness

Nicole Cameron

Since the release of my first book, “When You End Silent Suffering You Begin To Heal” I’ve received an overwhelming outpour of support. From social media comments, reposts, shares, texts and phone calls, to actual sales, I genuinely feel the love from near and far! This release has also brought about some surprise and confusion — for obvious reasons. You may have asked, “How can a lawyer write a book on depression, is she qualified?” or “What is she doing now? Is she still practicing law? Why is she talking about depression? I don’t get it!” I feel you! You have questions that need answers. I’ve spent quite some time explaining what I currently do to people who do not know me – and to some who do!

So…here it goes.

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