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Why I Stopped Practicing Law And Began Advocating For Mental Wellness


Blog articles share my experience and expertise in personal development, mental wellness, entrepreneurial and business development, and law.

Why I Stopped Practicing Law And Began Advocating For Mental Wellness

Nicole Cameron

Since the release of my first book, “When You End Silent Suffering You Begin To Heal” I’ve received an overwhelming outpour of support. From social media comments, reposts, shares, texts and phone calls, to actual sales, I genuinely feel the love from near and far! This release has also brought about some surprise and confusion — for obvious reasons. You may have asked, “How can a lawyer write a book on depression, is she qualified?” or “What is she doing now? Is she still practicing law? Why is she talking about depression? I don’t get it!” I feel you! You have questions that need answers. I’ve spent quite some time explaining what I currently do to people who do not know me – and to some who do!

So…here it goes.

Yesterday, I practiced law. Today, I teach individuals and entrepreneurs how to grow and become who they are meant to be. Tomorrow, I will change the world.


Ever since grade school, I aspired to become a lawyer to help others. When my dream became reality in 2011, I was certain this was the beginning of a new life and a successful career. However, I was in for a surprise when I returned to NYC. Jobs were limited, competitive, and too demanding for my life as a newly single parent. In order to provide for my 8 month old, I had no choice but to work outside of my field.

I toyed with the idea of hanging my shingle and practicing law as a solo attorney. I was determined to practice — after all, I endured so much in my personal life while in law school, so there was no way I was letting it go THAT easily! I practiced a few areas and learned valuable lessons along the way. After dealing with some interesting clients and attorneys, I realized that it was time to reconsider my profession. While I was a great analytical thinker and zealous advocate, I didn’t feel complete. The work wasn’t profound enough for me. Until I figured out my next move, I spent a few years still convincing myself, that law would pay off.

One day, I had a “fuck this shit, I’m out” moment that triggered depression. I suffered silently for what seemed like an eternity. It slowly seeped over into other areas of my personal life. Eventually, I fell off the grid. People didn’t see or hear from me. I fell off from social commitments and withdrew from the outside world. Depression made it hard to function properly.

SO…that was yesterday, when I practiced law — in the traditional sense.


Silently suffering from depression was hard, but it contributed to my personal growth. Things could have easily played out a different way, but I learned to be resilient. After grieving a tragic loss to suicide, I began to be more vocal about depression, self-harming behavior, and suicide prevention efforts. I launched a mental health initiative to raise awareness to silent suffering within the black community, called the I Love My Sufferer In Silence (SIS) project. A few months later, I formed a support group to create a safe space for women to open up about their emotions. I felt their stories and saw a bit of myself in these women. Finally, it became clear to me that this was how I was going to have a profound impact on others. However, to strengthen my voice and really make an impact, I needed credentials. I applied to grad school. Currently, I am completing my masters in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. (A masters??? *insert Soulja Boy meme* Yes, for now.

Now, today

I use my personal, professional, and academic experience to have a deep impact on others. Through my coaching practice, Ready Set Grow Solutions, LLC, I help people become better so they can enhance their quality of living. I empower people to build a healthy mindset and discover themselves. I create strategic solutions to many life’s challenges. I also develop entrepreneurs and teach them how to monetize their passions, strengths, and talents, AND protect their business legally. I hold others accountable for accomplishing their goals – whether it’s a mental wellness, personal development, or entrepreneurial one. This work allows me to ride on the journey with my partners, while fueling my passion, creativity, and freedom in a way that law did not.

And tomorrow…

I’ll change the world. Change requires personal development. In a world where everyone wants to be somebody, you’ve got to be ready to grow!

So, there you have it! That’s what I am up to these days, but there is more to come. For now, if you or anyone you know is suffering silently from depression, engaging in self-harming behavior, or contemplating suicide, there’s hope. “When You End Silent Suffering You Begin To Heal” is a life changing resource. I created the “END SILENT SUFFERING” method that embodies techniques proven to enhance overall mental and emotional health. Pre-order your copy today!