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 One-on-One Coaching Available

Coaching and accountability services are available through my personal development firm, Ready Set Grow Solutions, LLC. I will work with you to create the SOLUTIONS you desire to obtaining a better grasp on life and becoming your best self! Schedule your “Grounding Session” and prepare to get ready, set, and grow with Nic!

Personal Development

Sometimes life breaks us down and we need a clean foundation to rebuild ourselves. I’ll help you identify areas in need of improvement, and together, we will set strategic goals for your lifestyle and develop an action plan to get you there! You can have the ideal life you desire.

Areas of Expertise

  • Goal Setting: Understanding the ANATOMY of Goals and Grow!

  • Self-Discovery: Understanding You Better

  • Mental Wellness: Ending Silent Suffering and Begin Your Healing

  • Post-Breakup: Rebuild After Divorce or Long-Term Relationship

  • Single Parenting: Building Relationships With Your Child(ren)

  • Co-Parenting: Effective Co-Parenting

  • Career Change: Identifying Your Passions, Strengths, and Talents


Entrepreneurial Development

Let’s face it! Entrepreneurship is scary, risky, and challenging. Maybe you do not believe you have what it takes to start a business, or maybe you’ve pondered about your business to no end, but you’re stuck and need an execution plan. Together, we can move from idea to execution.

Areas of Expertise

  • Goal Setting: Understanding the ANATOMY of Goals and Grow!

  • Entrepreneurial Development and Self-Discovery: Identify Your Passion, Strengths, and Talents

  • Entrepreneurial Development: Monetizing Your Passions: Get Paid to Do What You Love!

  • Entrepreneurial Development: Learn Key Skills to Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurial Development: Team Building

  • Entrepreneurship and Wellness: Prevent Burnout

  • Entrepreneurship and Parenting: Balancing Acts